The Anatomy of My Own Rebrand

P Green Design Logos - 2001 and 2021

How long should a logo last? As long as the company hasn’t had a significant shift in what it represents, services or sells, a logo can last a long time. Typically, it’s a good idea to review your logo every eight to 10 years. Some brand experts even suggest every five years because of the speed at which life and technology change. These days, it’s also important to consider how social media impacts logo design.

Good Time to Rebrand

In 2021, I’m celebrating 20 years in business! Although my logo has a classic feel and has weathered the years well, the time felt right to mark this special milestone by taking a look at refreshing my own brand. My company has grown and evolved, as has my thinking, since the first day I hung out my shingle. A goal was to “walk the talk,” which I recommend to my clients more closely.

A New Business

To begin, I simply used my own name because people knew me around town — and no copyright or trademark searches were needed. The whimsy of “P Green” tickled me. That made it natural to use a pea pod as a symbol and pea green as my corporate color. My mother-in-law was a P Green, too. Being an elegant lady of an age, she did her best to avoid the reference. I capitalized on it, branding it to me and making it my own. At the time, my favorite typeface was the classic, serif font Palatino, which I couldn’t resist incorporating into my design.

A New Dawn. A New Day.

Today, 20 years later, I still love the whole “P Green” concept. My thinking evolved along with the company. While I retained the pea green color, I made my company name more prominent and updated the font with one that is similar but with a more modern, open, calligraphic feel. I made my name upper and lower case for best legibility, modernized the pea pod and added more color, which nicely expanded my color palette. Then I wrapped it all around the “Toasting 20” tagline. When the anniversary year is over, I’ll remove the reference and retain the integrity of the base logo. As a bonus: The re-design of the pea pod symbol works well for social media and makes a perfect favicon.

Next Steps to Make a Brand Come Alive

With any branding or re-branding, the next step after you’ve created the perfect logo is to implement it across media and channels that make sense for your business.

Here’s what I’m doing for P Green Design:

  • Website, which you are viewing now
  • Business card | Mini brochure
  • Letterhead and envelope
  • Note card and envelope
  • Email signature
  • Background for virtual meetings
  • Proposal template
  • PowerPoint® pitch deck
  • Video cover
  • Invoice template
  • Social header covers
  • Corporate branding manual

Every logo has a story

So, that’s the story behind my logo. It has created, and continues to create, a lasting imprint that makes my brand come alive, thrive, endure, command more industry influence, and most certainly, create a positive effect on the bottom line.

Every logo I create has a story. My 12-point brand personality audit helps me get smart about your organization and develop the underlying concept that will tell your own, unique story. My content-drives-design approach sparks the best results and helps the message about your product or service stand out more clearly in the marketplace.

More Logos

P Green Design - Logo Example 1
P Green Design - Logo Example 2
P Green Design - Logo Example 3
P Green Design - Logo Example 4
P Green Design - Logo Example 5
P Green Design - Logo Example 6
P Green Design - Logo Example 7
P Green Design - Logo Example 8
P Green Design - Logo Example 9
P Green Design - Logo Example 10
P Green Design - Logo Example 11
P Green Design - Logo Example 12
P Green Design - Logo Example 13
P Green Design - Logo Example 14
P Green Design - Logo Example 15
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